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looking up him无码人妻精品一区二区

Ani bounded into the room, jumped on our bed, and announced that she was all packed and ready to go…. I said shhh as she would wake Rob, joyfully she asked if she could borrow something to wear from the wardrobe, I said yes, but keep the noise down, with that she was gone, into the walk-in wardrobe. Hold on, let me explain who she is, Ani, or Anastasia was a lovely young girl who was over from Europe on a summer learning programme. Rob and I had first met Ani three years ago at her father’s tech company launch in the big city. My sister worked for this company and was one of the founding partners. At the big launch we were invited guests as Rob had done some refurbishment work on the office, which was arranged by my sister. At this wonderful event we me Ani, she was dressed in a lovely gingham dress with little white socks and ribbons in her hair to match. For some reason she came over to me and was sitting chatting to me at the side of the large office. There were probably around 100 guests in the room, yet she seemed to single me out. Every time her father or mother took her away to be introduced to folks, she always seemed to make her way back to me. I was surprised at her intellect at such a young age, only 11 years old. She seemed very mature and although I could not put my finger on exactly why, she held a very immaculate conversation. Later in the evening her father came across and said she had to leave, beside him was a man and a woman dressed in dark suits, her father said they would take her back to the hotel, with this Ani stood and sternly requested that the driver fetch her coat and handbag from the reception area, he duly did as requested. She then turned to me, very politely thanked me for the lovely conversation, she also noted that it was wonderful to speak with someone who did not discuss things with her like a child. With those lovely words in my ears, she gave me a hug, “I hope to meet you again soon” Ani said, with that she turned and left. Roll on 4 years later and I got a call from my sister, “Hi Lou, I’ve got a favour to ask, my boss has asked if you would look after Ani for a week, you remember Ani she was the young girl at the opening party?” “Yeh, I remember, she was such a pleasant and mature young lady, but why me?” “Well, he asked me if I would be able to do it as she is coming across for a school project and will be attending two meetings at the office, one on Monday, when she arrives, one on Friday. I am fully booked up for the next three months, also living in the city and being alone would not be good for her, so it is not fair on her staying with me, far better off with you in the country”. “Yeh I am cool with that, and I am sure Rob will be too”. “Great, I will get her dropped with you on Monday around 3 in the afternoon, if that’s OK?” “OK no problem”. Remembering back to the Monday when she arrived, my mind drifted off to the large black car turned in to our drive, the driver got out and opened the door for Ani, her leg came out of the car, followed by her beautiful body. No longer the slightly puffy little girl in a gingham dress, she now was wearing a knee length blue pencil skirt, black stockings, or tights beneath, some slightly heeled shoes, a white sheer blouse, with a black body beneath this. As she slid from the car, she swung a matching blue jacket over her shoulders and preceded to walk towards me. Oh, my lord, my head was full of many thoughts, she had grown from a little girl into what could only be described as a very sexy woman. Her figure-hugging skirt and dark toned legs were so shapely, her blouse left little to the imagination, she had curves which were lovely, her long blond hair was beautiful and swaying in the breeze, gently resting over her shoulder and down over her left breast. As she walked towards me, I felt a warmth between my legs and my breasts tingle, how wrong this was? She was still very young and all I could do was lust. As she approached she said hello and then asked where her room was so she could instruct the driver what to do with her luggage. I gave her directions and firmly she repeated this back to the driver “Mr Walker, take the bags upstairs, to the left and place them in my room!”. So very formal I thought, she then gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. She stated “it has been way too long, I am sorry I have not been in touch since the party” “Not an issue I said, my haven’t you grown up in the last few years?” She looked at me smiled sweetly then said “my life has changed in oh so many ways, as has my body has too” I looked quizzically at her she then turned to enter the house and as she got to the door, she swung her head and winked at me, with her tongue licking her top lip. So, back to the story, it was at this point my thoughts of the previous Monday were shattered. I hear the door to the wardrobe opening slightly and a foot came out, seductively, from behind it, this was covered in white nylon, gradually more of the leg appeared, then with a leap the whole of Ani came in to view. She had found one of my silky nighties, which was lacy around the bust, but not quite see through for the rest of it. Being such a slight girl, she had to cross and tie the lace shoulder straps, on me it fitted and only just covered my arse, on Ani it was very loose and was down to just above the knee. She had also found a pair of sexy tights, these had lace toppers to make them look like stockings, she looked lovely and virginal, all though after this week, I knew she was far from that! “I am going to do a little breakfast for you both” Ani announced, and with that she was gone. Rob gently arose from his sleep, a great smile on his face remembering last night, we kissed and had a lovely warm cuddle in bed, I felt him start to twitch between his legs when the door burst open again. Ani stood in the doorway with light streaming in from the window behind the door, this left nothing to the imagination, and I saw Rob’s reaction immediately. “I have done you a coffee and some juice” she bound across the room and laid the tray on me. “Back soon” and with that she was gone, a few moments later we could hear footsteps, the door opened again, and she stood with a second tray, this time she was slightly turned to her side with her body, but her legs were facing us and were open, we could see the whole contour of her sexy body beneath. Her silhouette in the doorway was mesmerising, I felt warm between my legs and Rob collapsed into his pillow. “I have decided that this week has been such a lovely learning experience, I am going to show you all I have learnt and you two are going to be my students” Ani announced. Ok I thought, now this could be fun, I looked at Rob and he smiled back at me, he had a wicked glint in his eye. Rob then sat up, “well young lady, does that mean you are taking control?” “Yes, we have just over a day left until I leave, I am all packed, so no distractions and I will be in control of the whole situation” Ani said, with that we had breakfast. Ani was turning things over in her mind, you could see she was replaying the whole week. She then grabbed the empty trays of the bed, pulled back the covers leaving us both exposed and naked on the bed. “To start, you have to ensure that bodies are clean and suitable to play” Ani said, “Ok, what are we to do” I asked “Both of you into the bathroom and shower, you are not allowed to touch each other or yourselves sexually though” we duly did as instructed. After showering off, she then instructed Rob to bend over, she took the smooth shaving cream and rubbed it on his balls and around to his ass. “Grab the razor” she instructed me, then made me shave his arse and ball sack. “Looking good” Ani said, then she smiled and said, “ your turn, stand against the wall with your cute ass facing us” I obeyed, then felt the smooth cream being rubbed up my legs, “get the razor and start shaving her legs from her ankles Rob”, again instruction duly obeyed. She carried on rubbing the smooth cream up my legs to just above the knee, I was getting very aroused knowing Rob was looking up at this minx rubbing cream into my legs, and he was having to follow her commands. I then felt her little, gentle hands leave my skin, I was just feeling the razor, I let out a little sigh of disappointment, this was very short lived as next I felt the cold rush of cream just about my slit, despite being very smooth down there, she was going to get it shaven again. Gently making circles with the cold cream above my pussy was driving me crazy, I wanted it in my slit and on to my clit, I kept stretching my toes higher and higher to get her tiny fingers on to my clit, Ani was wise to this, and the further I moved up, the further she moved her fingers up away from my lovely tunnel of love. Arrgggghhh this was so frustrating and driving me mad. I had forgotten about Rob shaving my legs, he had finished and was proud, he then saw the cream around my pubic mound, so moved to that area, this caused Ani to get more cold cream and rub it between my legs, very deftly she did not touch my lips, teasing just to the side of them, I slammed my thigs together in an effort to get her fingers on my aching pussy, Ani was way too swift for this and pulled her fingers away. As a kind of punishment, she slapped the cheeks of my bum, a little sting went through me, and a ripple of pleasure warmed me. “OPEN YOUR LEGS” she ordered sternly, I obeyed, I then felt her breath on my tingling arse, she was heading down further. Looking between my open legs I knew she would see the cream, she would also see the glistening pearls of my pussy juice which would obviously be present on my heavenly lips. She did see this, she also saw a lot more which I was unaware of, suddenly I felt a tongue on my thigh, quite a way from my pussy, “mmmm you taste nice she said” ohhhh my, I must be running hot as its dribbling love juice down my thighs.I then felt the second much rougher tongue, that was Rob. Ani instructed him to keep collecting my juices and not swallow, he needed no second invitation. I was being driven wild, this teen certainly had imagination and knew exactly what she was doing, I had been on the verge of exploding several times, each time she had stopped and let me drift back from the point of ecstasy. “Now” she announced “it’s about time that we all tasted your sweet juices” with that she ordered Rob to stand, he had a mouth full of my juice, with a little slime of cream by the corner of his lips. Ani moved her face over toward me, but then grabbed Robs cheeks and pulled him close to her mouth. I was agonisingly inches from their mouths and watched as she slipped her tongue between Robs lips, she was expertly licking my juice from him. She then opened her mouth fully and leant back to accept my juices into her inviting mouth. Grabbing Robs hair she then pushed him to kiss me, I could faintly taste my love juice on his tongue. Pulling him away from my lips, she then leant forward and opened her mouth, it was swimming with my juice, she moved towards me and kissed me transferring my love juice to my mouth. After what seemed like hours but was probably a few seconds she pulled away and pushed Rob to kiss me again, oh this was heaven, my knees were rubbing together and were burning as I was trying to release the pressure between my legs, Ani spotted this attempt, she moved to one side and firmly said “behave yourselves, we have to finish the shaving” I was puzzled?Rob and I stopped kissing, I thought we had shaved everywhere, then I felt the stab and coldness of the cream being forced between my arse cheeks and deeper , Ani’s finger got a direct hit, first time straight up my sphincter, pleasure, pain, cold and hot all in one split second, my knees went weak, I thought I was going to explode, but as swift as it started, it had stopped, she pushed me forward to the sink and bent me over, my heaving breasts were down on the cold ceramic surface which immediately stopped the reactions between my legs. Ani then pulled my cheeks apart and ordered Rob to shave my anus. With this completed, she ordered us to shower, again were not allowed to touch each other sexually. Into the shower, Ani turned off the heat, it was very cold and removed any thoughts of erotica from us both, it also speeded up what we were doing. Looking across at Ani, she was lent with her back to the sink, with her sexy legs splayed wide and pushing fingers between her legs, forcing the white tights up into her dripping pussy. Rob and I wanted to join her, also get away from the cold shower, we stepped out and grabbed a towel, I thought to myself she looks so sexy, young, nubile cheeky… … just as my thoughts were getting more intense, Ani ordered us to the bedroom. On the bed was a pair of silky red boxer shorts, and my play school uniform. She ordered Rob to get me dressed, his cock was growing again and was starting to sway, first he placed my light blue peephole bra around my boobs, oh this was feeling so good, he then put my blouse on, then my suspender belt around my waist, gently pushing me backward on to the bed he then lifted a leg to his chest and rolled a black seamed stocking up each leg, clipping them when in place. Standing me up again he grabbed my matching crotchless panties, so the set was complete, these made me feel horny as I glanced at the mirror behind and saw my exposed bottom through the crotchless section. Turning back around Rob placed the skirt around me, then dropped to his knees to place my feet into the black heels which were next to the bed. Spinning round, I asked “how do I look” Rob just looked down at his rock-solid cock and smiled.Ani said, “super-sexy, a proper little teen slut!” she spat the “slut” comment which was so dirty. For such a sweet young thing she was so erotic and sensual. Then it was Rob’s turn to dress, I was just thinking how to make this erotic when Ani reached down, grabbed my hands behind my back and put the boxers in my mouth, Ohh she was good. With a swift movement of her arse she pushed Rob back on to the bed, now this added another level of difficulty I thought, so there I was between Robs legs looking at his firm thighs, his lovely manhood with red silk boxers in my mouth, I managed to get them over his feet and up his calves, at the knees I needed some help from him, I had not realised he was preoccupied, looking up him, Ani had bent over his face and had her breast in his mouth. She looked at me and smiled. It was tough going,波多野结衣中文字幕一区二区三区 but then Rob wriggled about so I could get his shorts on, only using my mouth, teeth, and tongue. Ani then bounced off the bed and looked like a randy little teen, jumping around “ I have my schoolgirl friend and a lovely man who is going to fuck me hard” she said grabbing my hand, she pulled me from the floor and planted her moist warm mouth against mine, grabbing Robs hand she made him stand. “you two are going to be my toys today,” she announced giggling, “we have done the cleaning, we have done the shaving, we are now starting foreplay” In my head I thought “fuck if we are only just starting foreplay, what have we been doing for the last hour? My body was on fire, I had nearly come multiple times, my pussy was aching, my head was spinning, and she said we are starting foreplay… …. Phew, this will be good. “Kiss him” she instructed, as Rob and I started getting in to it “kiss me” she instructed and grabbed my arm, her soft tongue flicked in to my mouth, she was still bouncing, “suck my tits” she ordered, slipping the white lacy gown from her shoulders, Rob and I did as ordered, her breasts were jumping all over the place and it was hard for us to keep up and get them in our mouths, I glanced a Rob he had a very dirty look on his face, I have never seen him look like that, it was however framed with a lovely smile, right I thought, “I have to try to calm her a little from jumping around” with that I took her huge pointed nipple between my teeth and bit down on it quite hard, Ani screamed, loud and ear piercing, this shocked Rob and he released his efforts of trying to lick her pert breasts. I kept hold as she fell backwards on to the bed. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and shouted “yes you slut, eat me all up” even through the tears I could sense the thrill in her young voice, grabbing Robs head, she pulled him on to the other breast, and “suck me hard Rob” she ordered. Writhing around beneath us she forced her hands down to her crotch, The tights were wet, and you could see a large damp patch around her thighs and rising to her pubic mound. This time, rather than forcing the tights between her legs she now started pulling at the firm fabric, her nails were piercing through, but these were not ripping open, I watched her little fingers fighting and decided to join her efforts. Forcing a finger through one of the holes she had made, I felt the wet, warm entrance to her pussy, this made her shudder, rather than ripping the tights, I forced my finger in further, dragging lacy fabric between her soaking lips, sending more shudders of delight through her, and causing her to make much more lubrication. She was writhing about, legs and arms were in no control, this young girl was totally out of control. I could see the wetness on the smooth nylon, her flat stomach forcing upwards and convulsing, evil thoughts entered my mind as I thought I had finally gained a little control over this rampant teen, oh how wrong I was, no sooner than the thought was in my head, she then bounced her cute arse on the bed and jumped up between us, I felt deflated, but only for a second, “get on the bed and lay on your back, slut” she ordered me. Laying back, I could see Rob looking between my legs, I was dripping wet, lifting my skirt higher Ani got down between my legs, forcing Rob behind her. Ani was stroking my thighs in an upward motion, then just before my moist lips, she dug her nails in and dragged them down my thighs, thrills were running through my body as she was doing this. “Rob!” came the shout from Ani’s mouth, “rip the nylon between my legs you stud!” I heard the fabric submit to the force of his hands, looking at Rob’s face, I could see the excitement in his eyes. Ani now pulled my sopping knickers apart at the crotch and flicked her tongue on my clit, a shock jolted my body, Ani loved this and giggled, she did it again and bounced on the bed. “Rob, fuck me she said” he did not need asking twice, forcing his cock in to her warm, waiting pussy, she let out a hard sigh which I felt between my legs, I was going to come, and come soon. Ani started licking and biting between my legs, gently but hard enough to get me squirming. She seemed to have this super sense for my thrills, just as I was about to come, she stopped, pulled back and slid her fingers beneath my arse, as she did this, she turned to Rob and growled the order “ pull you cock from my steaming hot pussy, rub your fingers on my pussy and use the wetness to lube bum, and fuck me so hard in the arse you stud!” with those words ringing in my ears she aging started biting and licking my clit and pussy, this time though she pushed at least two fingers in to my bum, this was such a shock I exploded, the thrill was so sudden, I had never felt anything like it. I have no idea where it started, the whole of my being was overcome, I was shaking and yet rigid at the same time, I was screaming hard, yet no sound was coming out of me, I was burning hot, yet feeling cold, my pussy felt dry and yet I could see squirting between my legs like nothing I had ever felt before, it would not stop, I could hear Ani drinking and slurping at my huge orgasm for all she was worth. Ani finally pulled her head from between my legs and came up for air, I looked at this sweet little thing who had disappeared between my thighs, no longer was her hair and make-up looking good, her hair was very wet, stuck to her cheeks, and a proper mess, her face was dripping, make up running down her face, yet her tongue was still protruding from her smiling face licking for all she was worth. Ani then rocked back hard on to Rob’s cock, she screamed at him “I am going to come and come hard, stick your manhood in my pussy and fill me up with your love juice” with that Rob pulled out from her ass, and replaced his dick with a couple of fingers, ramming his cock into her waiting hole, Ani let out a little scream of passion. Can I go and witness this explosion and assist Rob in making her come?Again, just like she had read my mind, she let me start to move, then realising my legs and arms were like jelly and I would not be able to coordinate getting in in the action I succumbed to soft bed, I then felt a finger teasing my waiting arse, surely, she would not try and start on me again?I glanced down at Ani, she still had a face which looked as though she has been in a water fight, but still that childish little grin. I smiled back, then she disappeared, gripping the bed as tight as I could with my hands, I felt it start again. The rhythm of Rob shafting her warm pussy, the finger going deeper into my arse, then two fingers from the same hand in my pussy, her tongue and teeth had now found my very sensitive clit, fuck I was going to come and come again quickly. “I am cumm… I am….” Growling and screaming I was unable to get the words out of my mouth, again control all gone, stars in front of my eyes, then I felt warmth of fluid all over my thighs, stomach, and breasts, I had lost control again. Opening my eyes and looking down, I saw Rob with his eyes closed banging fiercely into her, I knew he was moments away, Ani screamed and collapsed her face in to my pussy, giving me another thrill, then another as her pussy exploded and I felt steamy come from Ani’s pussy on my legs, Rob then let out the strangest grunt I have ever heard, I knew he was unloading his balls up inside Ani. Rob fell on to the bed, exhausted, pulled the cover up, so we were all covered, he then reached for Ani’s arm and pulled her between us, we all started to get normal breathing back and held each other. Ani said, “we really need to shower, however I cannot move” with that we drifted off to sleep. A few hours later I awoke to see Ani snuggled into me with her leg draped over mine, Rob was spooning behind her, both had a lovely, relaxed look on their faces, content I smiled and thought to myself I was hungry, as I moved, Ani smiled and stretched her arms, lifting the bed clothes, a warm aroma filled my nostrils, a smell of pure sex. With Ani stretching, Rob rolled on to his back and opened his eyes, a smile came over his face when he saw me looking deeply into his eyes, it took no words, just warmth hit us both. This was swiftly disturbed when Ani leapt up “ right, showers and food I think” she said, with the Rob rolled off the bed and headed for the shower, “I will go and cook once I have showered” Rob said.Ani looked at me and smiled, she then lay back down, pulled the cover up hugged me and gave me such a lovely long kiss.After Rob came out of the shower and walked out muttering something about food, to be honest I was lost in the beauty that was looking at me, she said “Lou can you wash me, can we take a nice shower together? “ “Sure”, I said, “whatever you want” with that we undressed and went to the shower. Nothing much happened, we just soaped each other all over and rubbed it in, it felt like a few seconds, however it was much longer as I then heard Rob shouting food was ready. We got out, dried each other off and slipped into panties and loose night dress, proceeded downstairs to eat. Rob had cooked us some wonderful pasta with warm bread and a lovely tomato-based sauce, presenting it to the table I suddenly thought, this must have taken a good half an hour or so to make, did that shower really last so long? Sitting to eat, I was drained, so I thought I would mention this, to my surprise, Rob agreed but smiled and then added “I now really do know the meaning of fucked” that made me giggle.Ani looked with a lovely smile and said, “I have to agree Rob, was that good foreplay?” Rob nearly spat his pasta across the room as he realised what Ani had just said. “Hell girl, that was amazing and definitely more than foreplay” I chipped in “Ani, it was amazing, that was the most amazing set of orgasms”“And you didn’t even get fucked Lou, so it was foreplay for you” Ani smiled sweetly, fluttered her eyelashes, put a finger gently up to her mouth and then said, “so I am a good learner, and I am welcome to come to visit again?” Both Rob and I could not answer quick enough, “sure, whenever you want”. We sat chatting for the next hour or so whilst eating and having a glass of wine or two, Ani then stated, “this was our last night together, I have to be gone early in the morning, can I sleep with you guys tonight?” “Sure, you can,” I said, “however with you having to be up and gone so early, we had better behave” Ani agreed, Rob reluctantly agreed too. With that we all went to be and hugged all night. When the alarm went off Ani gently kissed us both and went and gathered her stuff together. In what seemed like a moment she was standing at the front door and Mr Walker had taken her bags, she kissed Rob fully on the lips and asked him “can you give Lou and I minute please Rob” “Sure, no problem, have a safe journey and let us know you are back safe” with that he was gone to the lounge to watch Ani leave. Ani leaned into me to hug me, it was so firm and warm, she kissed my neck, then softly on the lips, reaching up to my ears she whispers “Lou, I have had such a wonderful time with you both, I will be back soon. Also can’t wait to re-live and read about our exploits on XNXX dot com, please start with the last 24 hours, when writing our story” with another deep kiss she turned, opened the door and left. I hope you enjoyed these lines, if you would like to read more of our exploits through the week, please feel free to let me know and I can write how we enjoyed getting to this point.



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